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About Your Employee Advocate

As Your Employee Advocate, we want to empower employees and transform employers to create a culture where harassment, discrimination and bullying are not tolerated. Where people aren't just simply doing a job, but are enthusiastically working together as a team to achieve a shared goal.

We know how to deal with bullies, discrimination and harassment, and we want to share our knowledge and skills with you. 

We have real-world experience dealing with the abusive, health harming affects of a toxic work environment. Many of our advocates were harassed for years and took the steps to complain all the way from internal grievance to EEOC to civil lawsuit to out of court settlement. 

The common theme is that once the bullies, employers, agencies, EEOC, unions and courts, realize they took an action which has done undeniable damage, they do not move to correct. Rather they move to conceal their unlawful conduct by the use of more unlawful misconduct. The greater the damage known, the harder they fight to conceal their unlawful actions. Thereby, willfully causing more damage in reckless disregard for the rights guaranteed under the Constitution, the public and lives of those citizens who come before them. 

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